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Enjoy the Beach, around 15 kilometres outside of Oran is the seaside resort area of Ain el-Turck. The area itself was named after the beach, which is a major draw for tourists.
Ain el-Turck means ‘Fountain of the Turks’, though in the past this coastal town was called El Eurfa. It was then the home of a plethora of nomadic people who sold their goods at the city’s port.

Today, the strip is lined with accommodations, cafés and restaurants that cater to tourists. It also has a few great attractions, like Saint Roch, Bouisseville and Trouville.

Madagh 1 and Madagh 2 are two beaches in a cove just west of the city centre. They are known for their exceptional scenery and make for a great day trip.
The two beaches are separated by a stream and boast a backdrop of a lush green forest and mountains. It is a fantastic place to take some stunning holiday photos.
During the summer months, the beaches can get quite busy, especially on the weekends, as locals also enjoy coming here to escape the city.

The Abdallah Ibn Salam Mosque
used to be the Great Synagogue of Oran. It was once one of North Africa’s largest synagogues.
By the time the country gained its independence, nearly all Algerian Jews had moved to France. It also made the country predominately Muslim.
The Great Synagogue of Oran was built in 1880, but inaugurated in 1918. It became the Abdallah Ibn Salam Mosque in the 1960s and was named after a 7th-century Jew that converted to Islam.

The Sidi el Houari district is the first ever district in Oran. It is split into three quarters, each of which has its own charm.
Casbah is the oldest part of the district and the city. Saint-Louis is built around the church that bares the same name, while the old port area sits along the coast below the Aïdour.

The entire Sidi el Houari district overlooks the sea, as it is built along the slopes of the Aïdour and Wadi Rhi. It is highly recommended to explore the district on foot and gaze at the historic buildings.

The Medina Jdida area is the commercial hub of Oran and is known today as the market neighbourhood. In the past, this area of the city was designed to house the black population.

Marche Medina Jedida is a massive market that sells everything from flowers to souvenirs. It is the best place for tourists to head to for bargain clothing, textiles, jewellery and other souvenirs.
Bargaining is a must when shopping here, as is minding your purse. Pickpocketing is a regular occurrence, but it should not discourage you from coming here.